Seromni Release

28 June 2021

We inform you that by administration decision following the enormous loss that Seromni Group recently suffered with the death of Engº. Luís Pinto was decided..

Death Notice

09 March 2021

​With much sadness and grief Seromni Group carries the duty to inform its customers, partners, suppliers and friends, about the death of Luís Pinto, a fundamental element of Seromni/ Omnitécnica team.

Omnitécnica signs a new partnership with Handheld Europe AB, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers

02 November 2020

In October, Omnitécnica established a new partnership with Handheld Europe AB, a rugged mobile computers manufacturer, recognized for their technological characteristics and outstanding resistance.

Omnitécnica renews ECI Authorized Partner accreditation

10 September 2020

 Omnitécnica recently received the confirmation that once again successfully met all requirements for maintaining the highly regarded ECI Authorized Partner status.

New FIBRAIN HD product family

08 September 2020

In August, our partner Fibrain launched a new family of products called FIBRAIN HD.
It is a new hybrid system that has as its base element a high density panel (only 1U) for 19 ”rack, carefully designed, which offers a high modularity and a great flexibility of combination of modules. 

Satellite communications demonstration on-the-move (Kymeta u7 & Gilat Capricorn)

03 September 2020

Omnitécnica, in its more than 50 years of existence, has always developed and implemented innovative products and technologies in the area of ​​telecommunications. It is with great enthusiasm that we bring to Portugal the first fully flat satellite antenna for mobile and fixed platforms.

​Omnitécnica and Meteomatics unite in mission to further innovate aerospace in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

08 September 2020

August 17th 2020, Portugal/Switzerland. Omnitécnica and Meteomatics have signed a cooperation agreement to further innovate aerospace in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

Discover the versatility from fiber optic closure FOBP from Fibrain

07 July 2020

The FOBP product is a compact, watertight box for fiber optics, wall mounted, designed to offer flexibility during installation and customization options due to its modular concept.

Fibrain BU-XN available in portuguese market

23 March 2020

Fibrain BU-XN is a compact wall-mounted fiber optic box designed for flexibility during installation as well as customization options due to its modular design...

Apollo 9904x from “Ribbon-ECI” recognized in Lightwave 2020 Innovation Reviews

17 March 2020

Ribbon Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: RBBN), and ECI Telecom Group Ltd. (together, “Ribbon-ECI”), announced that their Apollo 9904x...

Upgradeable network and communications infrastructure

28 February 2020

With the focus on the diversification and quality of offered products and services, Omnitécnica started a partnership with the American company PATTON...

Omnitécnica was present in the “ECI Global Partner Event 2020 - Sales Kick-off”

24 February 2020

Omnitécnica was present in the “ECI Global Partner Event 2020 - Sales Kick-off” that took place in Barcelona last January.

Acceptance tests at Fibrain factory successfully performed

18 February 2020

At the end of January, an entourage composed by elements from Seromni Group and elements from a Portuguese customer, traveled...

Hydrogen, the clean energy solution that “fuels” our partner GenCell's portfolio

25 November 2019

Hydrogen has been increasingly cited as one of the alternatives to achieve a clean, secure and affordable energy future.

Seromni Group signs partnership with Fibrain

21 October 2019

With experience in Fiber Optic products and solutions for over than 20 years, FIBRAIN is Seromni Group's new partnership, in order to provide a wider range of telecommunications solutions for the Group's customers.

Satellite connectivity and mobility through KYMETA technology

21 October 2019

KYMETA, the most recent partnership of Seromni group, has as mission to unlock the untapped potential of satellite connectivity, combined with cellular networks, to satisfy the overwhelming market demand for global ubiquitous mobile connectivity, whether on land or at the sea.

Omniprojectos joins NOS mobile network remodeling team

21 October 2019

Omniprojectos has integrated the installation team at the service of NOKIA for the SRAN (Single Radio Access Network) mobile network modernization project. 

New products u[sonic] WS

26 September 2019

Our Partner LAMBRECHT meteo, that develops and produces meteorological measuring equipment and data loggers for professional applications, launched this summer the weather combined sensors u[sonic] WS.

Innovations Present at MWC19.

28 February 2019

Another innovation present in MWC19 is Ceragon's new IP-50 platform that reinforces the concept of “Disaggregated Wireless Backhaul”

Seromni Group present at MWC19 in Barcelona

27 February 2019

As one of the largest European technology events, Seromni Group visited the MWC19, which took place in Barcelona, ​​with the theme of “Smart Connectivity”.

Porto Santo Meteorological radar

16 August 2018

The meteorological radar of Porto Santo, a project implemented by Omnitécnica, is already in operation.


26 January 2018

The Seromni group, in the performance of its activity in the region and in the country, is cooperating to a of institutions of Professional Higher Education, with which it has established protocols for the provision of Training Internships in Work Context.

The Meteorological radar of Madeira Island

29 November 2017

The Meteorological radar of Madeira Island, a project implemented by Omnitécnica, is already helping the IPMA in observing the atmospheric phenomena of the region.

The Portuguese telephone that helped Bosnia to be born

13 December 2015

The Portuguese telephone that helped Bosnia to be born:
"On closer notice two details are striking. A small label, already half-detached, which reads property of the Portuguese government; and a sign with the name and address of the company that sold the device: Omnitécnica, Estrada de Alfragide, 2700 Amadora. "