Omnitécnica signs a new partnership with Handheld Europe AB, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers

02 November 2020

In October, Omnitécnica established a new partnership with Handheld Europe AB, a rugged mobile computers manufacturer, recognized for their technological characteristics and outstanding resistance.

Knowing that the search for resistant to different conditions equipment, that allows the realization of some specific jobs, for which many of the common mobile computers are not prepared, Omnitécnica started this partnership, once again, with the main objective of finding differentiating solutions for and according its customers demand.

Headquartered in Sweden and with subsidiaries in several European countries (Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands), Australia and the United States, Handeld Europe AB has a network of 1,000 authorized partners, of which Omnitécnica is now part too. Winner of several excellence awards and with a highly specialized team, some of the products developed by this brand are known as the most robust and advanced in the mobile computers sector.

Among some of these rugged mobile computers, designed to work in climatic and extreme temperatures and situations and made for difficult jobs, we highlight their application for activities and sectors such as Government and Army, Security Forces, Public Works or Industry.

If you want to know more about Handheld Europe AB options, available at Omnitécnica, contact our team, which is available to indicate the most appropriate equipment for your business.